Hackers can now walk past you and steal your credit/debit card numbers without ever touching you or your wallet using inexpensive RFID scanners or a cell phone like demonstrated in the video above. This new crime is called "Crowd Hacking" and the SignalVault is a easy to use, high-tech defense against this crime.
The SignalVault protects your new RFID enabled credit/debit cards from hackers & identity thieves by making your information invisible to hackers without batteries, charging or activation. Simply install two SignalVaults in your wallet and our E-Field Technology makes your information invisible to hackers.

The SignalVault is your best defense against Crowd Hacking, making your credit cards, debit cards and personal information invisible to identity thieves and hackers. Our E-Field Technology does not require batteries or charging, lasts five years and fits in any wallet, money clip or phone case designed to hold credit/debit cards.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the SignalVault Credit & Debit Card Protector.


Do I take the SignalVault out of the plastic wrapper?
Yes. The plastic wrapper is to help avoid scratches during shipping and should be removed before installing in your wallet.
Has the SignalVault been tested by an independent laboratory?
Yes. The SignalVault was tested by Qualtest, Inc. now part of N.T.S. in their Electromagnetic Interference Chamber. Testing proved the SignalVault effectively protects credit and debit card information from unsolicited attempts to capture your information. View the test HERE
Do I only need one SignalVault for my entire wallet?
The SignalVault was designed to be practical, easy to use and provide protection for a standard men's bi-fold wallet and all of the cards contained within. We do suggest placing two devices in a typical women's wallet since they are usually longer than a men's wallet.
What version of the SignalVault is currently for sale?
The third version is currently sold by all authorized SignalVault Resellers. The third version was released 9/25/15 in conjunction with SignalVault's appearance on Shark Tank. This version will add Dual Protection to the device, enabling it to protect passport cards and the new Enhanced Driver's License (EDL) which is part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.
How long does the SignalVault last?
The SignalVault will last five years with normal wear and tear. The microchip contained within the SignalVault is rated at 100,000 protection cycles which is the equivalent of a hacker attempting to steal your information 10 times per day for 25 years.
Will the SignalVault work after going through the airport or courthouse?
Yes. The SignalVault will not be affected by scanners or x-rays used in airports and courthouses.
Do I need to put a SignalVault in one of the Passport Vault slots to protect my passport?
No. The entire Passport Vault is lined with our RF-Block material to protect your passport and any cards kept inside the travel organizer.
Can I get the SignalVault customized with my company/business/organization information as a promotional item?
Yes. Please call us to start designing your custom order at  905.607.4045 or by email at custom@signalvaultcanada.ca